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The spell on Magic, Kabbalah

Dear visitors of my web-site https://mag-salon.com/blog and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to talk a little about love magic, namely, the Kabbalah love spell, on what is it and when is it used.

There are more than two hundred types of love spells, which differ in essence and form, force of impact, as well as duration. These are spells and rituals, love drinks and love potions, spells on water, salt, pins, candles, as well as rituals performed with the help of mirrors and photos. However, there is no love spell that would be equally well suited in all situations. In each case, you have to choose the one that will be the most effective.

Love spell results

- Suddenly flashes a passion for a person who previously was indifferent.

- A sudden disappearance of all previously disturbing symptoms. A person suddenly stops suffering from ailments, becomes cheerful and joyful. Everything went back to its normal state.

- The desire to always be close to the customer of the love spell. No obstacles will be a sufficient reason to refuse a date. A bewitched will run away from work, come from another city, spend the last money, and will do everything to come to the meeting with his new passion.

- Strong love towards a person who has made a love spell. This is a natural symptom of impact, since the main task of the magical influence is to cause affection of the bewitched one. The love program has such an enormous power that an ordinary person can’t practically resist it.

- Often the love spell affects the sexual sphere, and the bewitched can only have sexual contact with the customer of the love spell.

And now some words about the Kabbalah itself. This is a Hebrew magic, the most mysterious of all existing. Although many of the ancient Kabbalah spells have been deciphered, only a few masters may use them. In the Kabbalah, a hard spell is performed that firmly binds a person for many years. Also it’s necessary to remark that the Kabbalah is a doctrine which doesn’t correspond to the traditions of the Europeans in many respects. The mysteriousness of the magical symbols attracts people of various spiritual trends who want to know the mystical experience. Specialist conducting the ritual, directs the energy flows of men and women so that the installed program, falling into the subconscious of a person, is perceived by him as his own thoughts, desires and feelings.

The love spell in the Kabbalah magic, as well as any other love spell, can’t be removed by psychological (psychoanalytic, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric, etc.) means, it may be only weakened or detain for a short time. Appealing to religion will have a beneficial effect, but the program itself is unlikely to be destroyed.

Also I would like to tell that the result that you get from the ritual performed doesn’t depend on any unusual actions of the magician. To what extent the love spell will become effective depends entirely on other factors. So, what is a key of an effective love spell?

A number of factors influences directly on the effectiveness of the love spell:

- a professionalism of the magician and his ability to control the forces he has appealed;

- a firm intention to achieve the desired result;

- a strong confidence in success;

- a strict adherence to the rules of the ritual;

- a degree of protection of the love spell object.

Professionalism of the magician

The power of the person performing a love spell is one of the most important components of an effective love spell. The success of the ritual depends on the ability of the magician to find the source of the necessary energy for the love spell, to concentrate it and to direct it to the realization of the plan.

The energy awakened during the ritual must be under control of an experienced and powerful magician who will not allow it to act chaotically. So, the more powerful the magician is, the greater will be the chances of success.

Firm intention to achieve the desired result

A love spell is a kind of informational program. During the performance of the ritual the magician concentrates his intention to achieve the desired result, thus programming the behavior of the energy attracted during the spell. In order not to be disappointed in the result, you must clearly understand the goals that you want to achieve with the help of a magician. Obviously an effective love spell is aimed at awakening love in the heart of a certain person. But never forget that love is a multifaceted feeling, consisting of emotional attachment, sexual attraction, community of spiritual interests and many other components. Therefore, turning to the help of the Kabbalah love magic, always clearly articulate what a result you want to achieve.

Strong confidence in success

To achieve a positive result, you must be absolutely sure in success. This is what becomes the key of an effective love spell. The secret is very simple: each of our thoughts generates energy that either contributes to our success or opposes it. Directing the energy of thought in the right direction, you increase the effectiveness of the love spell. If your thoughts are about possible failure, the energy generated by them will counteract the efforts of the magician and begin to block the result.

Strict adherence to the rules of the ritual

The Kabbalah love magic is akin to creativity: it has no dogmas and laws. However, every experienced magician knows that in every aspect of magic there are basic principles, the violation of which leads to serious consequences. It’s necessary to be especially careful with rituals, during which there is an appeal to the death world. The love spells also belong to such rituals, because in the course of it the magician asks demons or spirits of dead people for help. If at any stage of a love spell a mistake was made, it may have a bad end both for the magician himself and for those who were ordered a love spell.

To pay demons for facilitation of the results achievement is mandatory for any successful magical ritual. If the attracted spirits do not receive their fee, they may turn against the magician. To protect oneself from the wrath of the spirits, the magicians makes some protective actions for each ritual. Therefore, if you don’t follow a certain sequence of actions, you may miss any defensive spell and put yourself in a great danger.

Degree of protection of the love spell object

When an effective love spell is being conducted, a person in whom it’s necessary to awaken love experiences is usually called the love spell object. Each person has his own energy, which plays the role of a shield, not allowing other people's energy to penetrate his consciousness.

Energy protection may be stronger or weaker. It’s quite logical that to penetrate into the human consciousness it’s necessary to overcome the protective energy field. The easier to do so, the weaker such a protection is. When a person has a strong energy, it will be quite difficult to overcome its resistance, and this may cast doubt on the possibility of achieving the desired result.

And now a couple of questions from my readers.

- Is it possible to bewitch a person by oneself?

Theoretically, yes. For example, many women know that in order to bewitch a man, you need to pour a little of his blood into the wine. However, in this case there are rules without which there is a risk to get completely opposite results. And instead of bewitching a man, a woman will pass the subject of her passion a stomach disease, an alcoholism, or a potency loss.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! And remember the pledge of strong relationships is trust, care and understanding.

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